Bradley Crookston For North Logan City Council


• Life long citizen of North Logan.

• Utah State University Graduate with a Masters degree in Civil Engineering.

- This gives me an in-depth understanding of city infrastructure and needs.

• Founded Crookston Custom Designs, a structural engineering company.

• Previous Chairman & current member of North Logan Planning Commission.

Phone: 435-757-2906

1712 East 2450 North

North Logan, Utah 84341

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Political Views

• I am concerned about what we do and don't spend money on in North Logan.

-We must take care of our needs before our wants.

-Some of our needs include roads, utilities & public safety.

• An advocate of property owner rights

-Both Citizens & Developers have rights.

-City laws and ordinances should be fair to both citizens & developers.

• Development within the city should cover its burden to the city while at the same time not be over burdened by the wants of the city.

-Every Development should meet the code & pay its way.

I believe in a Republic form of government where all citizens are free to vote for elected officials. These elected officials then make decisions on behalf of the citizens. An extremely important part of this type of government is the fact that restrictions are placed on the powers of the elected officials through a constitution which protects the rights of the individual. I believe these restrictions must protect the rights of each citizen, the rights that every citizen can claim simultaneously. These included the right to life liberty and property.

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